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10 points about the importance of science

The importance of science

Knowledge is of paramount importance for the progress of humanity and therefore for social progress, which is the method we use to achieve our goals. An educated person is one who is open to the world, who strives for success and has goals.
Thanks to science, it was science that began to invent electrical equipment, which we have achieved in the world of technology, and development is still developing by science.
Science produces the happiness of life. This is because you have fun. Without this, all life situations will be the same, and things cannot be distinguished. Ignorance breeds poverty and misery, and science breeds success and happiness.
As God and his apostles convince us to know that God's command, so also someone in his messenger whom he recognizes fulfills one of the most important messages of life. He created us to live in this world.
Students are self-confident people who know how and when to speak, and can exercise their rights and follow their own desires. For example, a person who does not know reading cannot write an article that harms him unknowingly, but the student reads everything. It’s not easy to focus on anyone.
At the end of science, he regrets that he missed what he missed. Because he feels his value and importance when he meets educated people, understands that they are behind them and cannot be like him, and the student is always proud of himself ING.
Knowledge can teach many cultures. It is easy to travel from one country to another in search of knowledge and personal pleasure. You can speak freely with other people with different cultures and customs, and respond easily and without interruption.
Science makes you an outstanding person in society, and everyone appreciates you. You benefit society and play a big role in society, so you can even get many rewards for your knowledge.
Science helps to participate in public life. You will not be alone, afraid to mix. Rather, you become a person who is ready to participate in all areas of life. You have your own opinion and your role in the development of society.
Science helps prevent disease. Because you not only participate in what benefits you and what harms you, maintain your health and teach people what is harmful to them, but they also participate in its prevention. First of all, this is because you are an educated person.