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Many housewives are embarrassed to find fast and unconventional food ideas to introduce to their families, and their daily diet is one of the most common causes of boredom: everyone, especially children, is constantly updated. Everyone has to eat a variety of foods, which destroys the daily boredom caused by it.
Every house has daily questions from people who want to eat the foods they eat, but as soon as their mother asks this question to her family, she always comes up with an unhealthy answer.
Therefore, you can save this menu. This menu contains fast food ideas that don't require much effort to prepare or prepare the dishes, and you can use this menu whenever you have problems with your daily meal selection.

List of fast food ideas

Grilled carrot steak
• One of the best healthy foods a family can enjoy is grilled meat powder and carrot slices. Serve steaks, mix with steamed carrot slices, then add your favorite spices and everyone can eat them.

Mung beans and meat flour

• This food consists of fried steak and boiled kidney beans. This food is very healthy and contains an important family of products that are easy and quick to cook.

chicken burger

• If your child is tired of meatburgers, you can make important changes. Prepare a chicken burger with raw bread and vegetable salad and anyone can eat it immediately.

Vegetables and cold cut pasta

• This dish is very healthy and easy. Make pasta with white sauce and add a steak made with your favorite vegetables such as peas and zucchini.

Potato flour with minced meat and fried bread

• This dish is my favorite as it contains all my favorite foods. Make minced meat with white sauce. Cook the fried food and put the boiled potato cubes on it, then the minced meat on it.

Chicken and orange

• This food violates all standards, so the family feels it has been updated. It is also fast food and easy to cook. Cook and cook steamed chicken mixed with oranges to provide a delicious meal to the family.

Vegetable paste

• Very light and fast food, and at the same time full of important nutrients, you can cook pasta mixed with different types of vegetables such as color pepper, peas and carrots. You can add white sauce to the paste to give it a special flavor. .

Chopped tomato and chili chicken

• This food can provide a complete diet in terms of nutrients and aesthetics. Cook vegetables such as chicken and tomatoes and peppers. You can also add granular spices to this dish and serve it to your child with fried potatoes.

Fishmeal fillet

• This is a very favorite seafood dish and it is very easy to violate the traditional routine of serving fish, mixing fish fillets with tomatoes, vinegar, lemon, bread and your favorite salad.

Spinach and meat dishes

• This dish is very delicious and is served with spinach and meat, pine nuts, butter, spices, mustard and a little lemon juice and onions.

Fried chicken and salad

• It's one of the healthiest dishes for the family because it contains protein and vitamins. After slicing, cook chicken slices, add the quality of your favorite spices and sauces, and serve with salad and yogurt.