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4 food systems for children under two years

Baby food

A child's nutrition at the beginning of life, which lasts up to 2 years, depends on two basic measures. One of them is the use of breast milk during breastfeeding, or a mixture for babies, if the mother cannot naturally breastfeed the baby, given to the baby, then after the first few months of breastfeeding, i.e. At the age of 4 months, several different foods will be provided to provide the required set of nutrients.
To find out about the most important products a child from 4 months to 2 years old needs, we offer a set of products to help you:-

The most important diet for feeding children under 2 years

4-6 months baby food

At this stage, the child is ready to eat because it can be swallowed, his body begins to develop to digest nutrients, and at this stage you will notice that the child is trying food. Or he eats a spoon from your hands, and it may be possible that he uses his hands to get the food, at which point the child will have a taste. Here are some of the most important dishes you can give your child at this stage:
Breast milk is an essential food.
• Soft food, partially ground, like zucchini puree.
• Fruit puree.

7 to 9 months baby food

At this stage, the child grows faster, begins to suck his thumb, and begins to eat food himself. Children can take one tablespoon and eat their own food. The menu for this stage is:
Breast milk is a major and important source of baby food.
• Your baby sucks your thumb.
You should start by giving your child a dose of water through a bottle.
• Kids can eat easily digestible fruit fingers such as apples and bananas.

10 to 12 months baby food

At this stage the child begins to grow. You will notice the ability to make a spoon, his cooking is himself. At this stage, the enzymes in the stomach can digest a variety of foods and the child develops the ability to taste and swallow. In addition, the child can sit in his place. To eat, he begins to take care of some foods, but the menu you can present to your child includes:
Breast milk.
Foods that contain some starch, such as rice and pasta.
• Vegetables and fruits.

A year and a half baby food

At this stage, the child has grown significantly and the infant has passed the stage, so he finds himself prone to tools without assistance and tends to eat adult ones rather than children's ones. Would be Let's sit down and share with food. The rest of the family has a place to sit, so at this stage the child's swallowing ability also develops, and the special menu looks like this:
Breast milk.
• Children can eat dairy products from cheese.
• You can feed your child a diet that includes meat, fish, and white meat.
• At this stage, your baby may eat eggs.
Baby food for one and a half to two years
At this stage, the child begins the meal he has eaten and refuses to eat it he does not like. Maybe he refuses food by throwing a plate or spoon, and a child at this stage can pronounce the name of the product he loves while the menu at this stage is included-
All health foods your child needs include protein, calcium, and fiber.
At this stage, the mother should not give more food than needed to feed the child, and the baby should not try to force him to eat while normal Should be careful.

Some important tips to feed your baby at this point

Here are some guidelines to address at this stage in your child's life.
• It is important that children do not eat salty foods until the end of the year.
• It is also important not to feed any type of milk other than breast milk before the baby is one year old.
• Do not serve powdered milk containing artificial sugar.
• Mothers must keep breastfeeding their baby until the age of two and due to many health and psychological factors do not give up this baby unless absolutely necessary.
• You should check the quality of food provided to your child, especially if your child contains meat.