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Do you want to get rid of it? 9 ways to treat dandruff that are effective and strong .. Get to know it

Dandruff treatment

The treatment of dandruff is always important for young men and women, and even for men and women, due to the harmful appearance of the hair and the occurrence of some hair problems due to this problem, this article describes some medical methods. It cures many ways to treat dandruff with the most important home remedies as well.

Do you suffer from dandruff? Pay attention to these things

Are you really suffering from dandruff? If you are suffering, you should be aware of some important causes and things that may be causing this annoying dandruff, as well as these reasons and special things:
• Oily skin infections: these are some infections that affect the owners of oily skin on the scalp and lead mainly to dandruff.
• Not interested in cleanliness and combing: one of the most important things that many do is not interested in combing hair or hair. Thus, there is a possibility of dandruff on the scalp.
• Skin diseases: Some skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis, may present with symptoms and conditions. Dandruff appears on the head.
• Lack of vitamins and minerals. A lack of vitamins and minerals in the body can cause dandruff, such as zinc and vitamin B, one of the key elements of the body, in your head. Eat nutrients that include these two elements.
• Human age: age may be the main cause of dandruff on the scalp. This greatly affects the presence of dandruff on the scalp, as it can be in middle age.

Dandruff treatment with 9 treatments

There are seven treatments that dermatologists talk about that can completely eliminate or reduce the appearance of scalp dandruff.

use dandruff shampoo

This is the most common method where you can choose a shampoo that specializes in the treatment of dandruff and use it for a daily shower or as directed by a doctor. This is because shampoo contains important chemical formulas to eliminate sources of dandruff.

Follow a healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins

One of the most important things that can help treat dandruff without side effects is eating healthy foods that are high in vitamins, especially various minerals such as vitamin B and zinc.

Treatment of dandruff with aspirin

Since aspirin tablets contain an important recipe for treating scalp for dandruff, add chopped aspirin to the shampoo and massage your hair by bathing a mixture of shampoo and aspirin on your head. Can be treated with.

Dandruff Oil

There are many moisturizing oils that moisturize the scalp and eliminate dandruff, which affects the hair. These oils include olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil, which are slightly heated, then heated to the scalp and massaged, then washed with warm water to remove these oils.

Dandruff Treatment for Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Apple cider vinegar is one of the important ways to treat dandruff. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, mix with cold water, wash your hair well, wash your hair at night, then rinse again with shampoo and water.
And you can repeat this recipe for great results to get rid of dandruff.

Treat dandruff with lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the important nutrients that increases the strength of hair and removes dandruff, which affects the scalp. This is also a simple recipe because it can be applied to the scalp, squeezing a few lemons and applying a certain amount to the hair and scalp, which will be distributed throughout the scalp and distributed over the left scalp. Wash hair and scalp thoroughly with warm water for 30 minutes.

Treat dandruff with baking soda

One of the good materials to completely eliminate dandruff is to apply a handful to the scalp, apply it to the scalp, and then wash your hair well with warm water.

Treat dandruff with yolk

Eggs or yolks are not only important nutrients, they can also treat the scalp. Put one or two egg yolks on the foam on dry hair, apply on the scalp and leave for 1 hour, then cover with a plastic cover.
You can then wash your hair with warm water and shampoo, and you can repeat this recipe several times a week until dandruff disappears.

Treat Dandruff with Daily Sunlight

The fact that sun exposure is harmful to hair does not apply at all. Rather, it is very useful to expose your hair in small amounts every day, but remember to apply sunscreen to protect it from harmful rays.
In any case, there are many ways to treat dandruff, but they are all important for getting rid of dandruff. This dandruff is constantly suffering from weak hair or the complexity of their appearance.