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The way you sit presents your character

If you read about body language before, you may know that your actions tell lot of things about you. Nowadays, people used to take personality analysis test, which are popular in social networking, not only because they are fun but also they considered to be correct for most of cases. Those tests based on many statistics that come with specific results.
In this article you are going to see how you’re sitting position talks about you, and you may be able to read others characters from the way they sit.

In a cute and shy way:
Woman who sits at this way has usually a strong personality and can strongly control herself, but sometimes she could be open-minded. In the emotional side, she likes spiritual love more than sexual contact.

Legs are slightly curved:
Who takes this sitting position considers having a big self-confidence and has many stable norms for her relationships, but those standards could be changed if she finds her real happiness in something else.

Crossed legs:
This type of women deemed to be so lazy; she always refuses to take the first step even in her relationships. But if the right leg is above the left one, that says the opposite, this woman is active and she takes her decisions alone.

Extended legs and one is above the other:
This woman cares a lot to what others say about her, she works to beautify her image to social environment. In terms of interests, she likes mode and fashion. Sometimes you can see her wise and mature, other times she looks as a child, definitely she hates stubborn men.

The knees are close together and the ankles are spaced:
A girl who sits in this position is full of youth and vigor, she is attracted to men who are older than her, and if she does not like the man from the first time, she will try to get away and won't give him another chance.

The crossed ankles:
This kind of women is usually selfish and does not care of what others feel. Also they don't take anything seriously while their relationships end quickly and they fail in making contacts for most of the time.