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What are the characteristics of selfish personality

A selfish person is something that everyone avoids. Also, think about all the events that happened at the end of last week or at the end of the day, and you will find the moment when you did something for others. You can also find the moment when you refused something because it was difficult or expensive for you.
People are not always generous and not always selfish. We make decisions only on the basis of many different factors. Some of us consider ourselves truly selfish. Can I do what I do not do? Often people ask themselves this question when someone else asks him to do something. Many situations remind you to take a certain position, whether it is rejection or acceptance, this is the nature of people.
Attributes of a Selfish Person
However, a compassionate person is one who cares about himself in an overly monopolistic way, ignoring the emotions and needs of others. Oddly enough, selfish people usually do not know the truth and even believe that they are wonderful and wonderful people.
Selfish people take care of themselves and try to create happiness for themselves, regardless of how others influence them. Often selfish people use emotional people to get what they want. Firstly, a selfish person shows interest in you until he receives from you what he wants.

Attributes of a selfish personality

There are several characteristics that characterize a selfish person, and we state the following:

1-selfish person very smart person

Psychiatrist Darren Wemet says selfish people do not blame themselves for anything, but they always say that the problem is different. A selfish person tries to control and manipulate other people only to achieve what he wants. They use emotional extortion and can rely on manipulating the emotions and feelings of others.
Some psychiatrists point out that selfish people tend to act because they think selfish people are the only way to satisfy their needs. The disadvantage is that manipulations are not born for us, but develop and grow with time, as we practice and with time.

2. Selfish people do not care about others

Selfish people do not care what others need. For example, when dealing with a selfish person of love, he uses it negatively to get what he wants.
Selfish people say: “If you really love me, don’t ask me about it” or “I cannot take this position, I don’t want to be too far from my children” You can use phrases.
If you meet someone to talk to you this way, don't count on it. Rather, it is a good idea to prioritize.

3-Selfish man plotting against you

This is always true when dealing with selfish people, especially daffodils. Psychologists claim that selfish people treat you as a simple means of allowing them to control something or someone until you get involved in their plans.
Do not be surprised when this happens, do everything possible to control the situation, as they may begin to talk about what might happen or is afraid to happen.

4- It is difficult for selfish people to join and give

You may know a selfish person, but this person interests you, so there are some doubts. Unfortunately, all of them are fake, because selfish people are not donations or participants, and these features seem to be affected by the situation.
When you ask something from a selfish person, you instead ask something else. Also, if they give you something, they want everyone to know about it until they praise them. If you know that you are dealing with a selfish person, do not expect him to be good, because he loves only himself.

5- Selfish people set their goals before others

If you are selfish, set your goals above all others. And because of their thinking, Selfish people always need others to help them get what they want.

6 selfish people do not show any weaknesses or vulnerabilities

Selfish people do nothing for free. In addition, he is always obsessed with trying something and feeling that later this will not bring him much benefit.
And some psychiatrists say that a selfish person is afraid to feel vulnerable and believes that he shows his weaknesses by helping others. No egoist is aware of the weaknesses of even himself. It is these weaknesses that make us just people, but for a selfish person, he feels great and does not suffer from them.

7-selfish man thinks he deserves everything

Selfish people always feel the highest value in addition to the growing self-interest. For example, he is always expected to be rewarded for nothing, simply because he is an ideal and whole person. This makes them expect them to happen, as expected, and this, of course, is impossible, and it makes them feel disappointed most of the time.

8 selfish people do not listen to people who disagree

Many psychiatrists admit that the egoist talks too much about himself and therefore does not listen to anyone else.
When you say something to a selfish person, he confronts you, even if it is positive, he considers you his enemy, It is not worth attention.

9 selfish people do not accept constructive criticism

People cannot accept criticism of any kind, even if this criticism is his favor, because of the vanity that makes this criticism accessible to his personal gain.
And some psychologists argue that selfishness can make false assumptions about what others think and feel. This is especially true for daffodils because they do not demonstrate acceptance of the question if others criticize them. They just think that you are trying to underestimate their value and the work they do.
Selfishness is one of the bad qualities that some people acquire throughout their lives. If you are selfish, it’s best to start changing your way of communicating with others.