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Car Insurance: The Complete Guide

Comprehensive car insurance:

It is a type of property insurance that covers the risks of various accidents that the car may be exposed to, such as collision, burglary, theft and fire. By compensating the owner of Al Arabia jointly in comprehensive accident insurance by repairing t
he car or paying the market value of the car in the event that it is exposed, God forbid, to total loss (an accident that cannot be repaired).

It is called supplemental insurance.

The principle of insurance is based on the individual obtaining insurance coverage in return for an annual subscription paid to the insurance company, which collects contributions from large numbers of individuals in order to distribute risks and provide compensation for accidents that happen to the cars of any of the insured (not all insurance subscribers will be exposed to accidents in Same year).

Advantages of obtaining comprehensive car insurance:

The biggest advantage of comprehensive car insurance is the peace of mind that a person gains when obtaining an insurance policy from a reputable company. And the one will be reassured and have confidence that, God forbid, in the event of exposure to an accident, the insurance will come with him and help him by compensating him to fix the car. This enables you to bear the cost of the repair expenses from your pocket, which, with the current market prices, reaches double the price of the car insurance subscription in possible relatively minor accidents, so imagine if it was a big accident and you have to pay it out of your pocket if you do not have insurance for your car.

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The difference between comprehensive insurance and compulsory auto insurance

Before entering into the details of comprehensive auto insurance coverage, it is necessary to clarify the difference between it and the compulsory insurance that we obtain in traffic during the car license and the difference is that compulsory car insurance:

It is used to cover death or disability cases that afflict any person from car accidents if they occur in Egypt, with a maximum of 40,000 EGP compensation in cases of death or permanent total disability.

Covering losses incurred by others' property, up to a maximum of ten thousand pounds, excluding vehicle damage.

As for the supplementary (comprehensive) car insurance, its basic coverage is:

1- Damage or loss to which the car is exposed in cases of:

Collision or vehicle rollover due to an accident

Fire, thunderbolt, external explosion, or self-ignition

Intentional act of others

During transport or lifting and launching

2- Cases of burglary, theft, and any damages resulting from it and from attempting it

How to calculate car insurance price:

Car insurance rates vary from one company to another, and it is also possible for the same insurance company to have more than one program with different features to meet the needs of different customers. The annual insurance contribution is calculated as a percentage of the market price of the car if used or the purchase price if the car is new.

Relativity principle:

It is the possibility of insuring a part of the total value of the car, and in return the compensation is proportional in the event of a claim. (Example: insurance on the value of the remaining amount in favor of the bank in the case of buying the car in installments - so that the insurance covers the value of the bank’s loan from the total value of the car, and in the case of a compensation claim, it is equal to what the insured value represents "the loan value" from the total market price of the car)


The main points of comparison between the different auto insurance programs:

These points remain important that you know about them at the time of purchasing the policy, in order to maintain a fair comparison between the different programs, not only based on the price, but also on the set of benefits that you get from the policy.

1- Endurance:

It is the part that the customer pays from the cost of repair / compensation - the idea of ​​bearing that it allows you to participate in the insurance company in the compensation, which makes you more careful not to lose, unlike if you cannot bear it at all and it remains in two types of bearing

Optional tolerances:

A percentage stated on the policy will be borne by the customer of the repair cost

If this increased the deductible, the policy price would decrease

It is possible to drop the deductible 0%, which would make the policy price high, but you are assured that a company will pay all the cost of the repair except for the fixed bearing.

In most programs, it has a higher tolerance for repair within the agency, and it can be deleted as desired by the customer



Compulsory tolerance:

It is an agreed value in the policy that the customer will bear in any compensation, for example the customer bears the first 200 pounds of the repair value for each accident

2- A network of maintenance centers contracted with the insurance company to provide direct repair:

Each company is contracting with a number of service centers specialized in repairing cars of different types. It would be better for you to repair through the centers within the network because this provides you with the advantage of repair without paying cash from your money, except for the deductible percentage if any, and the account is paid through the insurance company to the maintenance center directly.

3- Police report:

In order to request compensation from car insurance companies, you need to present the police report to prove the accident. But according to the policy, you may not be required to report the police for compensation that is less than a certain value (for example compensation compensation whose cost is less than ten thousand pounds)

The acceptable compensation value without the need for a police report would be a good advantage in the event that you need to use insurance to repair minor accidents, and you expect that its value will not be more than the limit mentioned in the policy. Thus, you save yourself time and effort to make a police report.

4- Additional Features:

Insurance companies offer programs that contain a set of additional features, such as:

Roadside assistance services (winch, battery, fuel supply if it runs out)

Provide a replacement car

Additional insurance covers for the driver and passengers against disability and death due to an accident

Additional features can be found as luxuries or additions that are not important, given that they increase the price of the policy. But in time when you are exposed to the situation, the value will be greatly appreciated, such as roadside assistance or alternative car services.

How to issue a car insurance policy:

After settling on the appropriate policy and determining the price, a date will be arranged to inspect the car, if it is used by a representative from the insurance company, and during the technical examination, the condition of the car is confirmed, and if it has any damages, it is excluded from the coverage

But if Arab Zero, some companies do the inspection, and others accept the answer of the exhibition, to issue the policy without inspection, and after the completion of the stage, the payment is made and the policy is received immediately or delivered to the customer.


How to use car insurance:

When an accident occurs, God forbid, resulting in damage to the car, the following steps are taken to obtain compensation from the insurance company contracted with it:

1- Notify the insurance company of the accident as soon as possible

2- Submit all the data and legal documents related to the accident (such as the police report in the event that the damage exceeds the value mentioned in the policy to require the presence of the record)

3- Estimating the cost of waste and the cost of repair by making an estimate in the place where you want your vehicle to be fit and presenting it to the insurance company

4- Repair the car and send the bills to the insurance company to recover the compensation

Basic conditions for securing approval for compensation:

1- The accident did not happen under the influence of drugs or alcoholic drinks

2- The accident did not occur as a result of using the car in racing

3- The accident occurred while driving an unauthorized person to drive

4- Not violating traffic rules during the accident, such as driving in the opposite direction

Exceptions not covered by insurance (some can be added with an additional subscription):

1- Damage during wars, riots, rebellions, and terrorist incidents

2- Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods ... etc.

3- Confiscation by the military or civilian authorities

And through the safety of you, you will be able to get car insurance easily and in the fastest time, and you will also be reassured and confident in your insurance purchase decision so that you will see offers and choose the most suitable one. If you need help to decide or understand the details, our experts will help you to find the best policy that suits your needs.