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Compulsory insurance: more than 10 thousand cars were licensed in 19 days of March

 Data issued by the Egyptian Association for Compulsory Car Insurance revealed that the number of new "angel" passenger cars that were licensed during the first 19 days of last March reached 10.780 cars.
The Ministry of Interior issued in mid-March last year, a decision to stop issuing licenses for new cars to reduce crowding and mixing with traffic departments to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which caused an almost complete halt in sales.
Ibrahim Labib, executive director of the Egyptian Association for Compulsory Insurance, said that since the advanced Ministry of Interior decision entered into force, sales in the market have stopped completely, and he is expected to continue this until the licenses door is opened on April 17th.
In statements to "Arabity" broadcast on Radio Egypt, Labib said that sales in the first two weeks of March were indicating a strong rise in the market, indicating that total sales in both countries reached 23,000 cars, compared to 36,000 in all of February.
He added that 2020 cars almost completely dominated sales in March, reaching 10,050 cars, compared to 685 2019 model cars, 44 model 2918 cars, and one 2021 car, in addition to 26 electric cars.
He revealed that the crisis in Egyptian society due to the Coronavirus and the precautionary measures taken by the state to prevent the spread of infection, was a lesson learned that may generate solutions to problems that have been pending for years.
He pointed out that traffic departments and insurance companies have put in front of them proposals to reduce crowding of citizens within traffic departments, stressing that the current period is witnessing the study of a number of innovative solutions that solve the problem of crowding.
The director of the insurance complex concluded that among the solutions is that those who do not have a car inspection appointment will not have to go to traffic, and with the application of the automatic examination, the vehicle will be examined at certified service centers outside the traffic units.