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Car insurance is considered one of the important branches of insurance in all insurance companies due to the large number of cars according to the development and economic renaissance that organized all countries (the spread of asphalt roads, highways and circular roads), and the installment sale also contributed to this. All this was accompanied by an increase in the number of accidents, which made this type of insurance gain the attention of workers in the insurance sector, the public and the state.
Car insurance policy:
It is a binding contract whereby the insurer (the insurance company) is obligated to pay the insured an amount of money or be compensated in other kind in the event of an accident or realization of the risk indicated in the insurance contract in exchange for a premium of money determined on the basis of the car's value (based on the market value).
Car insurance is coverage for damage to the car or others or the property of others, and there are several types of car insurance, the most important of which are the following: -
1- Civil liability in front of the public or the third party, or what is known as (compulsory insurance).
2- Comprehensive insurance.
3- Insurance against the third party with the addition of the risk of fire and theft.
4- Comprehensive insurance with the exception of the third party.
The most common types are:
1- Comprehensive insurance.
2- Insurance is against the third party only.
Auto policy covers and exclusions:
The risks covered by the insurance policy against the third party:
This insurance covers civil liability towards third parties in the event of physical or bodily harm, death or material damage to the property of others as a result of using the car by the insured or the driver authorized to drive it with the permission of the insured.
Risks covered by the comprehensive insurance policy:
They are the losses or damages to the body of the car and are represented in the loss or damage resulting from:
Collision or capsizing, fire, external explosion, theft or attempted theft, transporting the car by any means, provided that the company is notified in writing prior to transportation, an act issued by others.
There are some risks that cannot be insured, so they are called the risks excluded from coverage in the policy, including:
Accidents that occur outside the boundaries of the geographical area specified in the document.
Damage to the car if it is used for other than its intended purpose.
The use of the vehicle by a person who does not hold a valid driving license for the vehicle category.
Riots and riots, military actions (war, invasion or riots).
Riot and unrest can be covered for an additional premium.
Claims Procedure:
Procedures to be followed when requesting the issuance of a motor insurance policy:
First: Procedures for issuing third-party insurance policies:
The process of issuing third-party documents takes place through the branches and offices of the company spread throughout Sudan, as well as the company's offices located in the automatic inspection centers.
Second: Procedures for issuing comprehensive insurance policies:
This type of insurance is requested from the company directly or through its representatives or authorized agents, which includes questions related to data about the owner’s data and the vehicle’s data.
The company conducts an examination of the car to ensure its safety and fix the damages to the body.
Claims Procedure:
Procedures that must be followed in the event of an accident to the insured vehicle:
1- Notifying the company of the accident and submitting the documents, which are the police report and holding the original insurance certificate valid at the time of the accident.
2- Fill out an accident declaration form by the insured, sign it and show a valid driver's license.
3- The company’s representative or the engineer licensed by the insurance controller conducts an inspection on the damaged car and prepares a list of the damages and parts that must be repaired or replaced as a result of the accident.
4- The vehicle is repaired in coordination with the company.
5- With regard to the bodily damages resulting from the accident, the compensation for bodily injury or death shall be settled according to the type of insurance (third party / comprehensive) and according to the conditions and amounts required by each type.