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 Health care is one of the matters that each country cares most about, and it is also keen to provide the best types of health and treatment services to its members. This is in order for the individual to enjoy healthy health and be free from any disease that may affect him, whether permanent or temporary, and in order for this goal to be achieved, the health ministries in every country have taken the responsibility to provide every place with health facilities that provide the best and the best types of health care to individuals, as well as In every country there are private and government hospitals, and in order for the individual to receive treatment without incurring high costs, insurance companies were established. In this article, what is health insurance and the goals of health insurance will be clarified.

What is health insurance in answering a question:

 What is health insurance? It is said: “It is one of the insurance found in order to insure against any health damage that may befall the individual, so that this insurance covers the costs of treatment, diagnosis and examination, in addition to supporting the individual psychologically or physically.” This insurance also includes a non-work allowance For a temporary period due to a permanent or temporary disability he sustained, therefore insurance is one of the best methods that seek to provide health care to all people, as for the insurance philosophy, it is based on the principle called pooling of risks; That is, in the sense of collecting the damages or injuries that afflict a group of people, then it is divided equally among the people in an equal manner, by pooling the funds allocated for the treatment of these damages or injuries equally, after which they are disbursed to the believers according to their need for treatment, this matter Certainly, it reduces the costs and burdens that arise when treating any disease to which the beneficiary is exposed, and it also ensures that the best health care is provided to him for a small and fixed amount paid annually.

 Health insurance goals

 After answering the question: What is health insurance, the objectives of this insurance must be known, as it is a contract that includes two parties, one of which is the insurance company that provides treatment expenses in the event that the beneficiary suffers a total or permanent disability, or any kind of disease, and the second party is The beneficiary who pays a fixed amount periodically to the first party; To obtain health insurance, and in the following statement the objectives of this insurance:

  • Providing the necessary health care to all persons benefiting from insurance.
  • Submit the costs of treatment and diagnosis to individual beneficiaries.
  • The ability to pay medical expenses to any beneficiary, which may not be able to pay one-time because of his poverty or any other circumstances he is going through.
  • Work to distribute health care expenses to all beneficiaries; Meaning that each individual beneficiary pays an amount like the other individual beneficiary, and thus the costs of treatment for people who suffer from any disease are covered.
  • The ability to properly manage and organize any financial health insurance matters, with the aim of its survival and sustainability for future generations.
  • Insurance companies have a prominent role in improving the level of medical services, by providing them with stable financial resources.